Marpheen Chann will be a new voice for change as the next councilor for Deering Center, North Deering and Riverton. He will represent the diverse interests of our neighborhoods effectively with his eclectic experience.

Portland seems to be too focused on the city’s downtown and too focused on catering to tourists and wealthy out-of-staters as more hotels and high-end condominiums go up. Marpheen has the vision and entrepreneurial spirit to help Portland get its priorities straight.

Marpheen will focus on building stronger communities by collaborating with neighbors and constituents to help small, neighborhood businesses get started and thrive in our neighborhoods. These types of businesses, like Moran’s or Black Cat Coffee, help foster a sense of community and cohesiveness and bring us together.

But it will take a councilor with vision, energy and an entrepreneurial spirit, and Marpheen Chann will be that kind of councilor for Portland City Council District 5.

Vernon Jeffery


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