Are you tired of all the scam telephone calls you get? I am more than tired that the government entities that are supposed to look out for these calls are not doing their job.

Don’t bother to complain to the Maine Public Utilities Commission. Their consumer complaint form cannot be fathomed and their reply is “‘Not my job.” The Federal Communications Commission will get back to you, months later, and admit they are helpless to stop them. Both are manned by government bureaucrats unwilling to help.

The Do Not Call Registry created by our do-nothing Congress has many holes in it, designed by our elected officials to allow political and other groups to continue to harass us as usual. Last year being a big election year, it was even worse.

The telemarketers get around the law by using offshore foreign call centers and voice over internet protocol connections to stateside telephone numbers, even your own number. It is difficult to stop them other than to pay for screening.

Aren’t you glad now that the old Ma Bell was broken up and you no longer have the friendly operator to tell your troubles to? She would listen and pass on your complaint. Now, you don’t even have a decent telephone directory, with print so small you can’t read it and most cell numbers are anonymous.

What a great telephone system we now have, with distorted audio, harassing telemarketers, poor directories and no friendly operator. Ma Bell must be spinning in her grave!

George A. Fogg

North Yarmouth


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