Westbrook police issued a warning on social media this week to drivers who speed on Methodist Road.

In a post on the police department’s Facebook page, police said they will be stepping up traffic enforcement on Methodist Road after an analysis of crashes in the city revealed “that a high number of crashes has been happening on the (Methodist) road.” Methodist Road serves as a connector route between Route 302 and Cumberland Street in Westbrook.

The police warning goes on to say that Methodist Road residents are complaining about drivers frequently speeding on the road, “making life dangerous for them.”

“So if you drive on Methodist Road, you’ve been warned. The speed limit is 35 mph on the road, so please obey the limit, and if you fail to, don’t be surprised when one of our officers introduces themselves to you,” Westbrook police said.

One commenter asked why the police department would give a heads-up to drivers who exceed the speed limit, and the department replied, “Our goal is voluntary compliance.”

“We don’t have quotas so if we can get people to obey the speed limit without issuing tickets then we are happy with that,” Westbrook police posted.

Several Facebook commenters recommended that officers enforce speed limits in other parts of the city, which prompted the police department to say that traffic enforcement throughout the city will continue and will not be affected by the crackdown on Methodist Road speeders.

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