John Fox’s update on Zach Miller was short on details Tuesday, but the Bears’ coach offered a generally positive outlook about his injured tight end.

“He’s progressing well,” Fox said.

Miller dislocated his left knee and suffered popliteal artery damage while attempting a catch in Sunday’s 20-12 loss to the Saints in New Orleans.

The Bears’ tight end had urgent surgery Sunday night to repair his damaged artery. He then had another vascular surgery early Tuesday morning, which was a routine follow-up procedure to Sunday’s surgery, according to a person with knowledge of the situation.

Miller remains hospitalized in New Orleans indefinitely.

Another potential complication from a dislocated knee is nerve damage in the lower leg. Fox did not clarify whether Miller suffered nerve damage but is under the impression Miller did not.

“Not being a doctor, but (with) the feedback I’ve gotten, the initial concern was the artery,” Fox said.

“I didn’t hear much other than that. So from a prognosis standpoint, I don’t want to delve too deep in specifics, but that was a big concern, and they addressed it.”

Fox said Monday a vein was taken from the right leg to fix his left one. He said the pulse in Miller’s lower leg was good and that he had feeling in his foot.

“Not that he’s out of the woods by any stretch but it’s as good as could be expected at this point,” Fox said Monday.

Fox was unsure Monday if Miller remained in jeopardy of losing his leg, though amputation appears unlikely because he received immediate attention.