PARIS— Marine Le Pen, head of France’s far-right National Front, said Wednesday that the party’s long-time bank, Societe Generale, has closed its accounts in what she called a “banking fatwa” to suffocate the party.

Le Pen claimed at a news conference Wednesday that the move is purely political and endangers the democratic process. She said a legal complaint would be filed against Societe Generale, one of France’s largest banks, as well as against HSBC, her personal bank, which also allegedly shut her out.

Societe Generale denied in a statement that the closing of National Front accounts was political It gave no reason for the closing of the party account and related accounts.

Le Pen refused to disclose how much money was in the accounts, which she said included those of about 15 National Front federations around France.

What Le Pen called the “banishment” from the banking system is the latest in a multitude of financial, judicial and political woes for the National Front.