I found the Nov. 15 article (Page B4) regarding Hannaford’s lack of a safe-chemical policy disturbing. Though supporting many social and environmental policies, they received an F grade for failing to announce basic safer-chemical policies to ensure the safety of their products and supply chain.

The evaluation was done by a partnership of the Environmental Health Strategy Center and Safer Chemicals Healthy Families. One might think that would be a tough grade to ignore.

Hannaford spokesman Eric Blom’s response: “We are confident in the quality of our products.”

As noted in the article, there are some hopeful signs that some retailers are not denying reality: B-plus grade for CVS, Walmart, Whole Foods and others. It’s nice to know I have some healthier options. I prefer not to expose myself and my family to the lengthy list of known and suspected health risks of toxic substances, beginning with bisphenol-A and phthalates.

Hannaford, please adequately address your safer-chemical policy and ponder your failure to communicate a believable response.

Jeff Saffer, M.D.

Cape Elizabeth