The tax cuts championed by President Trump are not the tax reform the American people need.

There is no consensus among economists that tax cuts cause growth, let alone pay for themselves. However, the concentration of income and wealth at the top has increased dramatically over recent decades, without much trickling down to Main Street. Why would further increasing profits change their behavior now?

Yet the deficit is growing, and will grow faster to fund these cuts at the top. Where are the deficit hawks now? Waiting until next year, to slash spending on programs that help ordinary citizens, like education, environmental protection and health care. It’s no wonder polls show the Trump tax plan is unpopular.

The tax plan relies on accounting tricks and expiring tax cuts for middle- and lower-income citizens to squeeze a massive revenue shortfall into the constraints of Senate reconciliation rules. A realistic projection and permanent tax cuts would not fit, requiring a 60-vote supermajority, and, thus, bipartisan support.

Bipartisan support?

“Congress produces the best legislation when it is considered through regular order and receives input from both Republicans and Democrats. We must work together to develop responsible solutions and get things done for the American people. No Labels understands this, and I’m glad to be an honorary co-chair.”

That was Sen. Susan Collins, on becoming co-chair of the No Labels Caucus earlier this month.

We’re counting on Sen. Collins to be among the “fanatical moderates” (as she has described herself) who vote this awful bill down, and continue working across the aisle for tax reform we can be proud of.

Doug McCrae