Cumulative total for the season, as of



The 2017-18 flu season seems particularly challenging both because of the number of cases and the severity of the strain of the virus.

The number of new cases is declining overall but eight counties saw an increase in confirmed cases from the week before. More women than men have contracted the flu this season – or perhaps more women have been tested for the flu.

There have been 842 hospitalizations and 48 deaths associated with flu this season. In the past week, 115 people were hospitalized and 2 people died from flu and its complications.

Hover over the map for detailed county-by-county statistics, or compare week-by-week numbers by hovering over each week’s bar in the bar chart.

This interactive was updated on February 21, 2018 to include the most recent data from the previous week. The data are taken from the Maine CDC’s Weekly Surveillance Reports and are preliminary and subject to change.