CAMERAMEN GORDAN BRINGHAM, left and Ed Harris, both members of People Plus, volunteer each month to help film the center’s two tv shows, News and Views, which talks about what is going on at the People Plus Center and People Plus Cooks!, a monthly cooking show that highlights healthy versions of historical recipes from the senior community. Both shows, hosted by Executive Director Stacy Frizzle and Membership Coordinator Frank Connors, are recorded at Harpswell Community Television 14, are directed and edited by Bernie Breitbart and air on TV 14 in Harpswell, Topsham, Bowdoin, Bowdoinham and Bath as well as TV 3 in Brunswick. Copies of all the shows can be found on the People Plus Vimeo page via, as well as a library of recordings of presentations at the Center, including Connor’s “Letters From Vietnam” and our 40th year anniversary with Angus King. You can also access all of the shows on the People Plus website at

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