George Will’s Dec. 8 commentary on the tax bill seems disingenuous at best, and soundly misguided at worst.

Mr. Will seems to think that economics is beyond understanding and that no one can know if a tax cut will fire up the economy. (Never mind that those econo-comics were the kids who were playing Frisbee and partying while the rest of us who were studying actual, real science were too busy.)

Mr. Will admits that the current expansion is the longest expansion in U.S. history without a recession. At only 2 percent growth, it has been going for over 100 months! Previous expansions – with an annual growth rate of 4.3 percent – usually have lasted only 58 months. Could it be that the “anemic” growth is recession-proof? Well, no one knows, so let’s try to crank it up to overheating, and dive into another recession – because that’s what we will get if the tax cuts do work.

Not to worry though, CEOs and other worldly, wealthy Americans will not be using their tax cuts to hire and grow. They will be buying back stock and reinforcing their stations, in preparation for that recession! The stocks have already factored that all in, and will max out very soon.

The result? About when the tax cuts on the middle class expire, the wealthy will cash in their chips and walk away laughing all the way to the bank, where they will stash this massive gift from their Republican overlords. The projected $1 trillion deficit will be the legacy of this administration, and the middle class will be paying it down for generations.

What is a hardworking middle-class taxpayer to do? Is an oligarchy worth defending or worth paying a larger percentage of your slave wages to? No one knows.

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