It might indeed be possible that the great Republican tax coup will lift certain stocks even more for a time, may produce some more boost in employment for a time, but chances of these manifestations offering lasting terms, as permanent as they have been made by this Republican tax coup, is pure fantasy for anyone knowledgeable in socioeconomic history of inevitable economic overheatings and miscalculations.

There are yet more certain outcomes that are also inevitable. Among these are big boosts in the production of automation devices and robotics that will shrink employment opportunities long term, as well as the buying up of overseas manufacturers and opportunities in countries in which labor can live on a whole let less.

One more thing you can bet on: Big money interests will have more disposable income, which will buy more states like the Kochs have already bought, by establishing their control through the party that puts their big money interests first and through more gerrymandering of electoral districts in order to assure their control of Congress.

You can also be sure that all this extra money from the tax coup for the big money interests will buy them more control over more of the media, such as keeping from public scrutiny the six bankruptcies that made all the millions for a real estate developer who inherited over $200 million as his starting point. They’ll have more big bucks to throw into elections that can give these special interests even more of a dominating influence over our socio-economic system.

Also, the chances of another rise up from nowhere, only on small cash donations from working people like that of the “Bernie Phenom” are history.

In the final analysis, there is no greater threat to our seeing democracy for the many gain ground than this Republican tax coup for the 1 percent.

George Eaton

South Portland