AUGUSTA — One of two women arrested when drug enforcement agents raided a home on Ryder Road in Farmingdale pleaded guilty Thursday to unlawful trafficking in heroin.

Alicia Corrieri

Alicia Corrieri, 29, was sentenced to an initial year in prison, and the remaining three years were suspended while she spends two years on probation.

She was charged with aggravated trafficking and unlawful trafficking after the raid on Nov. 7, 2017. However, the more serious charge was dismissed in exchange for the plea to the lesser offense. Corrieri also pleaded guilty to violating probation.

Assistant District Attorney Katie Sibley said Corrieri told police that Antoan Cross, 39, of Waterbury, Connecticut, was using the residence she shared with Gerard Boynton as a base to sell drugs.

Cross, who was arrested at the same time, was found in their home with 48.7 grams of heroin and about $1,500 in cash, Sibley said.

Judge Valerie Stanfill asked whether Corrieri had a drug problem, and Sibley said yes.

Conditions of probation prohibit Corrieri from use and possession of illegal drugs, from having marijuana and from having contact with Cross.

Stanfill suspended the $400 fine at the request of defense attorney Lisa Whittier.

“Ms. Corrieri is going to be incarcerated for nearly a year,” Whittier said. “She was not employed, and her chances of getting gainful employment are slim.”

Boynton pleaded guilty Jan. 10 to three counts of illegal drug trafficking.