AUGUSTA – The Maine Senate has narrowly confirmed the appointment of a Poland Spring hydrologist to the Board of Environmental Protection.

The Republican-controlled Senate voted 18-15 on Thursday to confirm the appointment of Mark Dubois. The Senate also unanimously confirmed Susan Lessard to the board.

Dubois has said that he’ll recuse himself from deliberations involving his employer but critics remain concerned that he’ll increase the influence of a company that’s expanding in Maine.

Mark Dubois, the natural resource manager for Poland Spring, was confirmed by the Maine Senate on Thursday to sit on the state’s Board of Environmental Protection. Activist groups critical of Poland Spring’s parent company Nestle Waters said a representative of the multinational corporation has no business sitting on a board that in part oversees Maine’s water supply.

The environmental protection board often considers water quality, wastewater, landfill and mining issues that could impact Poland Spring’s business.

Several lawmakers praised Dubois’ experience, and noted that other Board of Environmental Protection members also work or have worked for Maine energy and engineering companies.

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