A Portland Press Herald front-page article Feb. 12, “Former Trump aide’s accuser hunkers down amid publicity,” quoted divorce lawyer Joanne Fryer. Ms. Fryer contends that it was clear to her that Jessica Corbett, former wife of White House speechwriter David Sorensen, was not the victim of domestic abuse.

I would be most interested to know what training or qualifiying expertise provides Ms. Fryer with the ability and insight to determine whether Ms. Corbett was a victim of domestic abuse.

Ms. Fryer’s statement that had she detected any sign of domestic abuse, she would have reported it, as she is mandated to do, is questionable. The Maine mandatory reporting law requires that certain specified persons are mandated to file a report if a child (defined as any person under the age of 18) or an incapacitated adult is suspected to be a victim of abuse. Under what Maine statutory requirement would Ms. Fryer be mandated to report, and what agency would she report to?

At this critical time, advocates are fighting for policies that support domestic-violence survivors and a culture that believes victims. Statements made by high-profile persons should be subject to scrutiny as they can serve to foster victim blaming and shaming and ultimately discourage domestic abuse victims from seeking help or exposing abuse. On average, according to the Violence Policy Center, which uses annual Bureau of Justice statistics, more than three women are murdered by their husbands or partners in the U.S. each day.

Vicky McCully

Tenants Harbor

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