Each February, after returning from the annual Camden Conference at the Camden Opera House, I find myself wondering how I can capture the energy gained from inspiring speakers, engaged and educated audience, focused conversations on current world affairs and turn it into positive action. Repeatedly, the glow fades and I realize I have, once again, failed.

This year felt different. The weekend’s topic was “New World Disorder and America’s Future.” I don’t think there was a person at the sold-out conference (as well as full attendance in several satellite locations) who didn’t come away feeling that now, more than ever, we need to be engaged, informed advocates for change.

We may be helped by the younger generation who are speaking up about our most recent “national disorder”: the latest school massacre in Parkland, Florida. They are living the disorder and are willing to speak out about the do-nothing Congress and waffling president, who is so focused on keeping the Russian investigation off his back.

This gives me hope as well as inspires me to help their voices be heard. It encourages me to be proactive in other ways as well. This is what I have decided: I will encourage our trusted news media to continue to pursue the facts as well as call out disinformation. I will find ways to talk to school-age children, encourage them to be engaged and discriminating readers of “news.” I will continue to support pathways to bipartisanship, with NoLabels.org being my first organization of choice. I will continue to back local candidates who are collaborative, positive campaigners and are committed to making a positive difference.

If you, too, feel it’s time to do something, please don’t wait too long. We are at a tipping point, and your engagement matters.

Sally Bancroft