FALMOUTH — Police said a man pulled a handgun during a weekend argument among workers hired to move household goods from Connecticut to Falmouth.

Carlos Sylvester Smith, 39, of East Hartford, Connecticut, was arrested at about 8 p.m. March 10, according to Police Department Lt. John Kilbride.

Kilbride said Smith was charged with criminal threatening with a dangerous weapon and assault, both Class C felonies. Smith was released on bail and has a court date in early May to face arraignment, according to a department press release.

Kilbride said the argument began over who was responsible when one of the movers dropped a box and an item was broken while transfering things from a truck to a home on Muirfield Road.

“Smith drew (his) handgun that he was carrying … and threatened the co-worker with it,” the Police Department press release said.

Kilbride said that the weapon was never discharged and Smith “was taken into custody … without further incident.”

He said Smith has likely returned to Connecticut and the other man involved in the fight was not arrested. Kilbride also said Smith’s gun appeared to be fully registered and that he was carrying it legally.