Re: “Soaring health premiums send thousands over a cliff” (April 1, Page A1):

Why do we accept that thousands of Mainers are being sent “over a cliff” regarding health care? Income has no rightful place in determining access to health care. No other developed country in the world would allow this to happen. It is a disgrace.

Our crazy patchwork quilt of health insurance options is not what any health care provider or consumer wants – not doctors, hospitals, clinics or patients. They all know how wasteful it is. Only the insurance and pharmaceutical industries – whose enormous profits come at the expense of the rest of us – are happy.

When will we demand an end to this unfair, expensive, ineffective – and uniquely American – health “system”? It is barbaric and immoral.

Isn’t it high time that we join the rest of the developed world and implement a universal system that covers everyone, such as Medicare for all. What a relief it would be to be able to rely on a system that is surely and fairly funded by all of us, and is there for all of us whenever it is needed. What freedom!

Nancy O’Hagan