These are the four candidates who will be on the official state ballot in November. Read the Press Herald’s detailed profiles of the candidates here.

Alan Caron

Age: 66
Hometown: Freeport
Profession: Economic development consultant
Previous elected office: None
Party affiliation: Independent
Talking points: “We need big change in Maine, from the bottom up. We need to build a new economy of small businesses and innovators that works for everyone. An economy that is supported by a smarter and more efficient government. And we must instill a new spirit of respect, civility, common sense and common purpose in our public square.”


Caron is a traditional, privately financed candidate.

Terry Hayes

Age: 60
Hometown: Buckfield
Profession: Maine State Treasurer
Previous elected office: Maine House of Representatives, 2006-2014; MSAD 39 School Committee member, 1991-2004
Party affiliation: Independent
Talking points: “The rules governing our democracy have been written by the powerful to maintain their privilege at the expense of Maine people. As Governor, I will lead with integrity and respect, giving Maine citizens more voice and more choice in our democracy, making government more transparent and accountable to the people, and inviting and encouraging partnership, not partisanship.”


Hayes is a Maine Clean Elections, publicly financed candidate.

Janet Mills

Age: 70
Hometown: Farmington
Profession: Maine Attorney General
Previous elected office: District Attorney for Androscoggin, Franklin and Oxford counties, 1980-1992; Maine House of Representatives, 2002-2008. Attorney General, 2008-2011; 2013-present
Party affiliation: Democrat
Talking points: “I’m not campaigning against anybody else in particular. I’m campaigning for the job on the basis of my own record and experience and on the basis of what people tell me across the state of what they want to see. They want to see a government that responds more proactively, that responds more effectively to the needs of children who can’t learn in school because they have missed too many meals, of seniors who want to stay in their homes but can’t afford the heat, of veterans coming back from battlefields and they can’t find comfort here. They want positive energy. They don’t want a governor who disparages the state.”


Mills is a traditional, privately financed candidate.

Shawn Moody

Age: 57
Hometown: Gorham
Profession: Auto body shop entrepreneur
Previous elected office: None
Party affiliation: Republican
Talking points: “I know the best way for someone to succeed is to have great paying job. As an entrepreneur, I have helped create jobs all over Maine. We will help build Maine’s economy now and for years to come.”


Moody is a traditional, privately financed candidate.

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