In response to Walter J. Eno’s discounting of Mindy Woerter’s criticism of the Hyde Amendment (Another View, April 29):

He seems to ignore one point she makes in her op-ed relating her own painful experience: For poor women, unlike her, the Hyde Amendment is especially cruel because they do not have the same financial resources she does and, therefore, suffer far more dire decisions to make. Poor women have fewer options beyond our federal welfare system to receive health care, including abortions, as Mr. Eno should not have to be told.

U.S. Rep. Henry Hyde (who will eventually live in infamy for his excusal of the actors in the Iran-Contra affair, perhaps one of the most impeachable offenses of any presidential administration) sponsored the Hyde Amendment, which, based on the religious belief that a soul inhabits a fertilized egg, prevented federally funded health care (Medicaid) recipients from having an abortion, except under exceptional circumstances, i.e. rape, incest or where the mother’s life is in danger.

It’s crass of Mr. Eno to quibble with Ms. Woerter’s statement that her family’s medical expenses surrounding her abortion totaled almost $7,000, by presuming her abortion cost only $500.

Mr. Eno ends his insensitive letter by wishing Ms. Woerter’s family well. His well-wishing should perhaps extend as shallowly to all the other women who have been harmed by the Hyde Amendment.

Stephen Small


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