BRUNSWICK — Starting in July, it will cost twice as much for a pay-as-you-throw trash bag in Brunswick. After 11 years without an increase, councilors decided Monday to raise the cost of the bags.

The hike was recommended by both the Recycling and Sustainability, and Finance committees.

The town began its pay-as-you-throw program in 2007. Since then, the prices have remained at 50 cents for a 15-gallon bag and $1 for a 33-gallon bag.

When the fee increase goes into effect, Brunswick residents will pay $1 for a 15-gallon bag and $2 for a 33-gallon bag. Six municipalities recently surveyed by Yarmouth pay an average $1.26 for the smaller bags and $2.38 for the larger size.

The new bags will be teal colored, but the green bags will still be picked up after July.

The revenue generated from Brunswick’s bag program helps the town offset its share of the $7 million it will cost to close the Graham Road landfill, scheduled for 2020. It also promotes reduction of waste by creating an incentive to recycle.

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