The city of Portland is warning drivers that it plans to start re-striping streets, crosswalks and sidewalks on Monday.

Jessica Grondin said that the striping work will begin May 21 in the Old Port before it expands across the city.

Crews will have to work during daytime hours to take advantage of the warmer temperatures, which allow the new paint to dry quicker. Weather is always a factor because painting can not take place when the street is wet or if it is raining, Grondin said.

Pedestrians, motorcyclists and bikers should use caution while crossing newly painted areas as it can be slippery when the paint is drying. The city is also urging drivers and pedestrians to avoid driving or walking over fresh paint.

Grondin said the pavement re-striping program should take the rest of the spring to complete. Winter weather typically causes the stripes used to mark crosswalks and center lines to fade, making it difficult for drivers to operate vehicles in some areas.