Listening to one another. Working together. Leading with values and integrity. These are the crucial guideposts to consider in the 2018 Maine governor’s race.

We are all concerned about the future of our nation. Every day brings bursts of news, tweets and other forms of micro-information that are disturbing. But there is an opportunity to move in a new direction – and it starts here at home!

We are a state of close-knit communities, where many opinions exist. But historically, we’ve always listened to one another. We’ve not always agreed, but we’ve listened. If we are serious about starting at home, we must start by electing a governor who not only listens, but also moves us forward.

Mark Eves is such a candidate. How? By helping us work together like he did as speaker of the Maine House. He brought all sides together to solve problems – continuously – by helping them listen to one another. Maine deserves his leadership.

Mark Eves raised his family here, lives here and works here. But, more importantly, Mark brings authenticity to the table. Mark will tell you what he believes – not what you want to hear. We know where he stands, and he stands with the vast majority of Mainers.

Mark Eves is authentic and real. He will work with all sides to revitalize Maine. The solutions to our problems are not at the extremes. They are in finding solutions we can all embrace. Mark Eves is a “bring us together” leader.

Let’s put listening to one another, working together and leading with values and integrity at the top of our list of requirements for governor. As you cast your vote in the upcoming Democratic primary June 12, consider the options. You will see that Mark Eves rises to the top and meets all three core requirements.

Kevin Fickenscher


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