After the all-out effort by Maine voters to put ranked-choice voting over the top, we aren’t home free yet.

A final, desperate legal challenge to block application of ranked-choice voting in the coming election did not meet court muster, but the residuals from earlier night-time “poison pill” legislative activity remain in play. That legislation requires a change in the Maine Constitution before ranked-choice voting initiation and sets an impossible timeline for compliance.

A people’s veto of parts of this law is in play and is a referendum item on the upcoming June 12 ballot.

A “yes” on this item will put ranked-choice voting in action for all primary and federal elections, including U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives. A “no” would mean a continuation of the political status quo and government driven by money, power and outside interests. “Yes” means having a say in creating a better future for Maine and your family.

Stanley Payson

Kittery Point

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