I am recommending Christopher Kessler in the House District 32 Democratic primary. Kessler’s extensive first-hand experience with clean energy and efficient households will be invaluable for the future of our state, and his commitment to rank-choice voting has helped lead the way to government that serves the people rather than special interests.

More importantly, Chris has genuine integrity and enthusiasm that draws people to him. It’s immediately evident that he is running not for personal gain or to push an agenda, but answering the call of civic duty to his community. Facing a desolate political wasteland, where most of us choose apathy, Chris stood up and chose action. That kind of passion is rare and inspirational.

Chris Kessler is an honest, empathetic, all-around good human being who makes you want to be a better person. That’s why Chris Kessler is my choice on June 12.

Attila DeLisle
South Portland