On June 2, the Yarmouth Police Department is hosting a “Voluntary Turn-in Event” to accept unwanted guns and ammunition. Set aside your thoughts on gun control or the Second Amendment and consider this: I recently helped an elderly relative in another state clean out her garage following her spouse’s death. There was a large box that contained, among other things, black powder, bullets, shotgun shells, CO2 cartridges, expired flares and two rusty World War II service revolvers that could not be adequately checked for safety. The moldy wooden box had accumulated its trove over multiple generations, been moved from house to house, and was ultimately shoved into a corner of the garage with a stack of tires, old gasoline, waste oil, and other unwanted items. Not exactly the safest storage scenario. After unsuccessful calls to waste management, various state agencies and the fire marshal’s office, I called the local sheriff’s office. They sent over a deputy to evaluate whether the ammunition could be used at the gun range or used for training by the bomb squad. Given the poor condition of the contents, the deputy hauled off the box for demolition and disposal by the bomb squad.

I don’t expect that the scenario of what to do with unwanted ammunition and/or guns is unique, and I applaud Yarmouth PD’s assistance in helping residents safely dispose of unwanted items any time of the year. The June 2 event will educate residents that this option is available.

A.W. Thayer