This is to all those who slept through sixth-grade civics class.

We, as a state, from 1880, have lived under a system of plurality elections. One man, one vote – period. This system has worked well. Get the horse before the cart: Change the Maine Constitution.

Now, we face ranked-choice voting, a convoluted, time-consuming, extra-costly system that was brought forth from a minority of the electorate who hated the results of the last two elections for governor. They never say that the governors before that were also the result of plurality voting. One man, one vote – period. The minority wants a second, third and fourth bite of the apple until a liberal is chosen.

Why? Because of the election and re-election of a businessman governor who inherited an absolute financial mess. He paid off the hospital bill, jailed the commissioner of the turnpike authority – a Democrat – for theft and stopped the use of welfare cards for tattoos and bail. Now, after this governor lowered taxes, this minority of Mainers wants to enlarge MaineCare to the tune of over $50 million a year, showing no budget to re-pay it. Haven’t we heard this song before?

I will vote “no” on ranked-choice voting until a vetting process is completed and the Maine Constitution is rewritten.

For all those who slept through sixth-grade civics class: Be careful for what you wish.

David S. Kaler


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