Ranked-choice voting is again in need of your vote at the June 12 primary, if we are to have democratic elections beyond next month’s polling date.

The majority has voted in favor of ranked-choice voting, and the votes have been counted but the results set aside. We now have another chance, as we can use ranked-choice to select party nominees for public office in the primaries on June 12. And, at the same time, we will also vote on the permanence of the system, with a “yes” on statewide Question 1.

The ballot will look different, but don’t we already rate the candidates before we cast our votes? Results in multi-candidate races may not come quite as quickly as in the current system, but when they are announced, they will finally give us a true democracy, where every voter’s voice is heard. Every winning candidate will have, at least, the partial backing of over half of the voters, and will know exactly what his or her priorities are expected to be.

There are many accurate sources of information on how the system works, and what to expect at the polls, for anyone who may have questions. Among other resources, the Office of the Secretary of State has a very complete web page (with sample ballots and frequently asked questions) and is also sponsoring several area outreach events.

With a “yes” on 1 on June 12, we will now be able to do rapid recounts in multi-candidate races in future elections. With those results, we will have officials who have been elected by, and have the support of, a true majority – as was envisioned by Maine’s Founding Fathers back in 1820.

Carole Sargent


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