“Tessellation 3D,” is based on the mathematical concept of deconstructing a geometric space into smaller pieces.

FALMOUTH — A outdoor sculpture titled “Tessellation 3D” was installed at Falmouth High School last week.

The piece, by Jesse Salisbury of Steuben, is designed have an educational component, as well be an “inviting and engaging (public) space,” Salisbury said.

The overall intent for the project was to “produce a piece of public art that will serve as a lasting focus for K-12 learning,” according to Dr. Charles de Sieyes, who first proposed the idea for a sculpture to be added to the school campus.

Salisbury’s proposal was selected after a group of 12 sculptors submitted ideas for the project. The effort is funded privately through donations from individuals, corporations and foundations, de Sieyes said, and no School Department monies are involved.

As part of the project, donations for an endowment that will allow Salisbury to lecture every year in all three Falmouth schools, as well as allow for periodic student field trips to his studio in Steuben, are now being accepted.

Donations can be sent to: Falmouth School Department, c/o Dan O’Shea, Director of Finance, 51 Woodville Road, Falmouth, Maine 04105.

The sculpture’s title refers to “the ancient mathematical concept of deconstructing a geometric space into smaller pieces, that otherwise would fit together without gaps or overlaps,” Salisbury said. No piece is wasted, and every piece is essential to the whole.

Sculptor Jesse Salisbury oversees installation of “Tessellation 3D” at Falmouth High School June 14. The sculpture is intended as public art, as well as an educational tool for the town’s three schools.