I hope the Falmouth Town Council was set back on its heels by the largely negative response to the proposed Falmouth Center development on Route 1.

Earlier reports indicated a reaction that bordered on giddy. The hugely expensive renovation of Route 1 is attractive, but traffic congestion continues to increase most times of the day and is expected to continue to do so as drivers seek to escape the daily jams on Interstate 295. Development on this scale is totally out of place in this location.

Right from the start the developers are pressuring the town to move ahead quickly to approve the development of the athletic fields, which is supposedly critical to the viability of the project. We’re told that if this isn’t approved “nothing will happen there for 30 years.” Don’t fall for that old trick. Former Councilor Bonny Rodden thinks that “this is the type of project the town has been working toward.” However, I seriously doubt that view is shared by a majority of town residents.

I encourage the council to slow down the process and refuse to be pressured into rezoning until a full analysis of the impacts of this proposal can be completed and shared with all town residents. It also seems that for a project of this scale – truly a game changer – a town-wide referendum once the facts are in would be an appropriate step.

David R. Murray

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