US public opinion increasingly favors in support of both medical and recreational use of marijuana. As of July 2018, 30 states allow legal medical marijuana programs and 9 states permit recreational adult use of marijuana.

It is no secret that cannabis products are gaining popularity with the legalization movement of cannabis in the United States and worldwide. Overall, the benefits of cannabis outweigh the negative aspects of the social injustices of the unethical war on drugs. Pain in the body is often misunderstood about the origins of the throbbing nerve debilitating to performing everyday life activities.

There are many options to alleviate pain in the body without the use of conventional pharmaceutical medicine. Throughout the world, the medical community and advocates alike recognizes cannabis with healing properties to treat a variety of health conditions.

The following information describes in detail the steps you need to take to obtain your medical marijuana card in Maine through a company called Veriheal. Veriheal is an online platform that connects patients with verified medical marijuana doctors who can assist them with getting their medical marijuana cards.

Step 1: Discuss Alternative Treatment Options with the Veriheal Marijuana Doctor in Maine

Obtaining a prescription in Maine is an accessible alternative treatment by consulting with the Veriheal doctor that prescribes medical marijuana. Veriheal allows patients to consult with doctors across the U.S., from the comfort of their home. Through Veriheal’s online video chat platform, they offer a unique HIPAA compliant service that streamlines the whole process.

According to Americans for Safe Access, in 2009 Maine implemented a voluntary medical marijuana card and registry system; which explicitly states: “Patients who are not registered must have their original physician certification form and either a Maine driver license or other Maine-issued photo ID and present both to law enforcement on request.”

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Veriheal’s physicians approve any qualifying condition. In Maine, doctors are able to recommend medical marijuana to patients looking for alternative medicine for conditions ranging from debilitating health conditions, to simple chronic pain (headache, stomach ache, etc.).

Set up your appointment with Veriheal to meet with your doctor online to discuss how medical marijuana can help you with your conditions.

Step 2: Visit a Medical Marijuana Dispensary to Speak to a Budtender

Once you are approved by a doctor, your MMJ Card will be sent to you via mail and you can begin purchasing from dispensaries all around Maine. Cannabis dispensaries sell cannabis flower, tinctures, smoking accessories, and edibles to accepted patients.

New patients can visit the nearest dispensary in Maine to consult with a budtender (dispensary store associate) about specific medical marijuana strains for relieving various health conditions.

Step 3: Begin Using your New form of Medicine

There are many innovative options medical marijuana patients can use medical marijuana without smoking the dried plant or cannabis oil to protect the user’s lungs. For example, medical marijuana patients can ingest cannabis edibles from cannabis butter infused products such as baked goods and candy.

The ingredient of cannabis butter in the edibles is used to make baked products and cannabis infused drinks. When a user consumes a cannabis edible, the delayed reaction of cannabis consumption can take up two hours, depending on the user’s weight, tolerance, metabolism, and whether the user has an empty or full stomach.

For more precise dosage and fasting acting relief, medical marijuana patients have the option of purchasing marijuana infused tinctures. Take a few drops of tinctures under the tongue to feel relief within 45 minutes.

Medical marijuana infused topicals, such as THC infused salve, bath soaks, and bath bombs, are becoming more popular as topicals applied on the skin heals eczema, irritated skin, and relieves aching joints without becoming high. Moreover, one popular form of eliminating the growth of cancer cells with cannabis is the Rick Simpson oil method, which is produced by combining coconut oil and cannabis oil in a capsule form.

Do not hesitate to visit a medical marijuana dispensary, high quality medicinal products are available to you once you receive your medical marijuana recommendation and card.

In conclusion, throughout every evening news report, there are countless amounts of individuals overdosing from prescription painkillers. Opiate abuse and the heroin epidemic continues to escalate at an alarming rate across the United States.

Moreover, there has not been a known case of cannabis overdose and cannabis as the cause of death. As a result, cannabis has demonstrated to be a safer treatment option for chronic pain without the physically addictive properties compared to opiate use.

Doctors are now beginning to comprehend the ability to shrink cancerous tumors with cannabis. The list of how medical cannabis assists in patients suffering from unbearable medical conditions continues to grows everyday as scientists slowly receive the funding to conduct these experiments.

If you are a patient seeking to apply for a medical marijuana card and doctor’s recommendation in Maine, Veriheal is your one stop service to help you get your doctor’s recommendation for approval to legally use medical marijuana.

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By Lisa Noeth