I love this country. My family and I feel blessed to enjoy the freedoms and rights of being a citizen here.

I wondered, though, this past July Fourth how our Founding Fathers would have measured our progress toward their vision of a perfect union.

I think they’d be taken aback with our current choice of a president. Since this man’s inauguration, he has done more than any other president in memory to reduce our rights, increase national security threats, expand poverty, reduce health care benefits, inflame racial tensions, blaspheme our intelligence community, balloon the deficit, threaten our environment and roil our allies while cozying up to strong-arm dictators around the world.

His “Art of the Deal” has morphed into the “Art of Telling Lies.” And congressional Republicans keep blindly swallowing it all, hook, line and sinker.

I was a lifelong member of this party of Lincoln until eight months ago, when I had seen and heard enough. I resigned from the party to protest the complicity with which Republicans in Congress kowtow to this president. I think it’s a disgrace to the red, white and blue.

When and what will be the tipping point to change their minds? When a refugee child taken from her family at our Mexican border dies? When talks with Kim Jong Un fail and nuclear war becomes inevitable? When decades-old allies such as Britain, Canada and France are spurned for the likes of Vladimir Putin and Russia? When special counsel Robert Mueller returns an indictment? When, I ask?

We celebrate July Fourth for our independence from a tyrannical king. We need our elected officials in Congress to stand up to our present-day tyranny.

Our democracy depends on it.

Lee Griswold

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