Being age-friendly

I was pleased to see the TR article on Bath’s initiative on creating “Livable and Age-Friendly Communities,” (“Bath continues process to be age-friendly city,” The Times Record, July 19) and applaud the City Council’s forward thinking actions. I’m pleased to be working with a small group of people who have been working to promote this, not only in Bath but in the surrounding areas, in what we are calling the “Lower Kennebec region.” Georgetown is also working on this very important aspect of life here. This is important, because nearly one in five residents of Sagadahoc County is 65 or older.

Volunteer programs abound in our communities. In Woolwich, for examples, a group of people called the “regulars” has been installing ramps and widening doors so that seniors can stay in their homes as their physical needs change. Keeping seniors at home as they age is not only cost efficient for them, it also enriches the life of our community.

Key to this, of course, is assessing the needs of our residents. What do they need? What do we need? To that end, we’ve created a survey to distribute to residents. In Woolwich we hope to include it with the tax bills, which will be going out toward the end of September and encourage folks to fill it out.

Allison Hepler,


Editor’s note: Allison Hepler is a candidate for House District 53

Like the cavalry

I want people to know about the incredible professionals I met recently who work in the Maine Maritime Police, namely Division I, Section 2, Brunswick, MPO Clint Thompson. As a sailor on the Maine coast I don’t usually look forward to meetings with Maine Maritime Police but on July 21 I had the pleasure of meeting MPO Clint Thompson and his crew. I wish the meeting could have been other circumstances.

My wife and I were sailing our boat home from Boothbay just off Seguin Island. My wife Deanie was at the helm. Suddenly a loud chatter from the engine. I realized we ran over a submerged lobster buoy. No power – no steerage. We are a mere 40 yards of some very scary rocks off the east end of Seguin Island with a very strong outgoing current pushing us towards those rocks.

It was clear with the current we would quickly be on the rocks. The destruction of our boat and serious risks to our lives was close at hand.

We quickly threw the anchor out, called the Coast Guard and incredibly lucky for us Clint Thompson and his team were very close by.

In dire straights, where every moment counts and what seemed a miraculous short period of time, like the cavalry, Clint Thompson and his team arrived on our desperate scene.

Never was I so relieved.

He immediately accessed our situation and gave us a few quick clear commands.

While swinging on the anchor with the ripping current some of the lobster buoy had dropped off our prop but some still attached but we now had power and steerage. Disaster avoided.

Clint Thompson stayed with us personally to help get the boat underway and into Sebasco, where we were able to dive down in calmer and warmer water and clear the prop.

His self-assured professional, polite demeanor was very reassuring. And he is just a great guy.

It will always be a comfort to know there are professionals in Maine Marine Patrol like Clint Thompson patrolling our coast. We are very fortunate.

Bill Perna,