Friends and family are pleased the stock market is up and unemployment is low. Attributing it to President Trump, they ask me, “Why do you hate Trump?” I don’t hate Trump. What troubles me is what he says and does. Examples being:

Rule of law; attacks on our judiciary and law enforcement (FBI).

U.S. credibility; no rational person can rely on what he says because of his lies. He’s the most prolific liar in modern history, not just the U.S. presidency.

A free and vibrant media; he continuously says, “The media is the enemy of the people.”

Domestic and international policy; his ignorance of government and governance and his unwillingness to understand and learn rudimentary policy facts and formulation results in incoherent and ineffective interactions with Congress and foreign governments.

Civil strife; his confrontational, racist, authoritarian and lie-infused speech incites civil unrest and divisiveness on a scale not seen since the Civil War.

Protection and security of the U.S.; his interactions with Russian officials include disclosure of highly classified information (per public records) and are largely unknown to anyone even in his Cabinet. He acts like he has been compromised by them.

Office of the presidency; his personal corruption, conflicts of interest and his failure to divest himself of same flout law and precedent on an epic scale.

The aforementioned “friends and family” are good, honest people. I understand that Trump connected with their collective frustration with government and a desire for change, but hope they will consider the foregoing when they head to the polls in November. This is not a drill: The lights are blinking red (and this is not limited to threats from Russian cyberattacks as Trump’s director of national intelligence recently said).

Rick Kelley


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