Politics has taken an unpleasant turn over the years. It has become “them” or “us.” If this were a marriage, there would be a divorce. No union can work without compromise and discussion.

I, for one, am sick of this. The upcoming election in November offers us a chance to keep those in office who work together for us, the people of Maine, and the United States. Alternatively it offers a chance to replace those that do not hear our voices, those that hide from constituents, those who are beholden to big money.

Angus King was a freshman senator in 2012. Because of his strong background in politics and business, he got to work right away on key committees. Senator King attends meetings, asks pointed questions and studies issues. When he returns to Maine, he makes a point to sit down with us, his constituents. He questions and listens. When I write, he answers, explaining why he will or did vote on an issue.

Senator King caucuses with the Democrats, but as he says, “In the end, whom I caucus with is less important than whom I work with.” Like Senator Snowe before him he reaches out to members of both parties. Overall he, as an independent, has an edge and has proven to be extremely effective in representing Maine. We need to return him to the Senate.

Anne Mommers

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