On June 12, 1987, President Ronald Reagan, that stalwart of conservatism, stated, with great passion, “Tear down this wall.”

To be honest, I was never a great fan of Mr. Reagan, but at that moment he stood for something beyond himself and political gain. He stood for freedom and democracy in the world and made most Americans proud of our country and what we stood for.

Sadly, President Reagan’s proud challenge has been replaced with the mantra of America’s phony conservative leader and his cowardly band of accomplices: “Build that wall.” This group is a disgrace to our historic values and beliefs.

Sadly, I have to include Sen. Susan Collins in this group. In her latest statement in regard to the looming budget fiasco, she criticized the wall for logistical reasons and not because building the wall is ridiculous, wasteful and, worst of all, immoral. The senator should stand up to President Trump and his minions for those reasons and become a part of making us proud to be Americans again.

Harvey Rosenfeld

Cape Elizabeth

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