Transparency not apparent in oyster farm process
This letter is in response to your balanced article about a proposed oyster farm in Maquoit Bay. Dan Devereaux and Doug Niven claim that a letter to residents and open houses informed us of their future development plans. Our family lives at Mere Point and we received a letter in July from Dan Devereaux and Doug Niven about their oyster farming activities in the bays nearby. We were quite impressed with this small boutique operation run by locals. Their letter, however, made no mention of their application to the state to expand to a 40-acre oyster farm on Maquoit Bay. I also went to an open house at their land-based facility where I learned how they grow oysters. It was very interesting, but once again they said nothing about their significant expansion plans. I do not think Devereaux’s comment “These people just weren’t paying attention” is at all fair. They have downplayed their operation from the start. In fact, they did not even inform the town of their expansion plans at a hearing in February about their activities on land. The town was told that all processing would be done on the water. In their application to the state they say they will process at their land facility in the winter.
The state application did not require adjacent landowners to be notified because the proposed site is just over 1000 feet from shore. The required ad in the paper about a scoping session last year was not spotted so residents did not attend. In our experience transparency has not been apparent and there is not much time to prepare for the public hearing on this project in October.
Midge Minot,
Editor’s note: We have clarified the story with regards to the letter mentioned above.

Council decision leaves reader cold
I was more than distressed to read that the Brunswick Town Council has decided to extend the moratorium that delays development of new homeless resources by Tedford.  I hope, as the weather begins to turn colder, these Council members will put themselves in the places of the many people who have no viable housing and will remain literally “out in the cold” because of their decision.  Surely it cannot be taking a group of intelligent people this long to decide on policies for zoning of a social service building.
Unfortunately, I must wonder what the real reason for this delay is. Could it be simple prejudice against those less fortunate than our upstanding, privileged selves who may ignore the people living on the streets and in their cars and in the woods because we can? And who can afford to delay the work to be done because we don’t want them too close anyway?
I don’t feel that I need to go into all the real data and statistics that Tedford committees spent months gathering to support the need for new services here. I’m sure the Council has heard much of it. I do need to call them on this delay and its meaning and impact. I live in Brunswick. I vote, and you can rest assured that I won’t be reelecting those who ignore those in need in this town. Since Tedford has already very successfully run shelters and housing here for many years, I can’t imagine why this is suddenly an issue. I guess it’s just that nobody was paying attention all that time when there were no particular regulations at all.
But be forewarned. What you ignore will come back to haunt you.
Claudia Staberg,

Supporting Ankeles for Brunswick Council
I am writing to support Dan Ankeles for the at-large position on the Town Council. Dan is committed to keeping Brunswick affordable for all residents — both homeowners and renters. He understands that keeping people in their homes is the best way to protect Brunswick’s unique character. He supports the Town pursuing relief from property taxes for older residents and families on a fixed income.
In Dan’s day job as staff at the Legislature, he solves problems for constituents who are dealing with state agencies. He knows first-hand how important it is to work with others to arrive at solutions that work for everyone. He will study each issue independently and balance the needs of all Brunswick residents.
Please join me in supporting Dan Ankeles for Town Council.
Kate Egan,