With 127 carries for 586 yards and five touchdowns, rookie Sony Michel leads the Patriots in rushing.

With 67 catches for 567 yards and six touchdowns, veteran running back James White leads the team in receptions.

Now they’ll get some help from Rex Burkhead, who rejoined the 53-man roster after missing eight games because of a neck injury.

“He’s a versatile player (who) can be involved in all three (downs), actually all four downs, with a high level of execution in the running game, the passing game and the kicking game,” said Patriots Coach Bill Belichick. “We’ll take as many of those guys as we can get.”

Burkhead has had trouble staying healthy since joining the team last year, when he played in only 10 of 16 regular-season games.

“We’re very fortunate in the backs we have, and now getting Rex back is going to be just another thing we can add,” center David Andrews said. “He’s such a great player, he’s got great vision, runs hard. Kind of tough with the injury, but having him back, I’m excited. I love blocking for our backs, and the more guys we can get in there fresh and keep rolling through, I think it’s more the better.”

IS BILL BELICHICK the best coach in NFL history? The guy who’s going up against him Sunday thinks so.

“He’s the best coach ever,” Minnesota Vikings Coach Mike Zimmer said.

Belichick praised Zimmer earlier this week, calling him “one of the best coaches in the league.”

“I think it’s a compliment that he thinks that of me,” Zimmer said. “Hopefully he’s not just saying it because we play him this week.”

OVER HIS FOUR YEARS in Minnesota, Cordarrelle Patterson made a couple Pro Bowls and two All-Pro teams.

But when Zimmer looks at how the Patriots have used Patterson during his first year in New England, perhaps Patterson should’ve earned more accolades.

Zimmer admitted the tape he’s seen of Patterson reveals a more effective use of the all-purpose weapon and return man.

“Quite honestly, they’re using him way better than we did. Cordarrelle’s a great athlete, a very strong runner. I think they use him in a number of different ways. It’s good to see for him,” Zimmer said. “I wish we would have used him a little bit better.”

Patterson has 156 rushing yards, 120 receiving yards and four touchdowns – two receiving, one rushing and one on a kickoff return. The Patriots used the wide receiver as a fill-in at running back for a couple games while Michel was injured.