The Animal Welfare Society has announced its schedule for dog training classes for the winter. SUBMITTED PHOTO

KENNEBUNK — The Animal Welfare Society has released its canine training schedule for the new year.

There are classes for dogs of all ages, breeds and abilities. If your dog’s New Year’s Resolution is to spend more time with his people or if your pooch wants to improve her agility in the new year, try a canine training class at AWS.

AWS will offer standby classes such as Basic Obedience, Puppy Kindergarten and others, but they’ve also added a new Beyond the Basics Series and the Wag It Games. To learn more about six week classes, call 985-3244 or visit

Brand New Winter Classes include:

• Winter Blues Busting Full-Day Workshop

Brush off those dreary winter blues with a day of learning and activity with your dog. Through conditioning exercises, games, obstacles, nose work, tricks and fun exercises, your dog will gain confidence and focus while refreshing their obedience skills. Sprinkled throughout the day will be information and education, including how dogs see, smell and learn, scientific studies with dogs that help us better understand them, interesting canine trivia, training tips and more. The workshop will be held from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 24.

• Winter Fun On the Trails One-Hour Session

When the holidays are over, come out for a winter walk with your canine pal on the trails at AWS. Come prepared with your’s and your dog’s winter gear, such as snow shoes, snow pants, yak traks for you and mushers wax, jacket for your pup. Hopefully there will be enough snow to build a few jumps or a tunnel and bridge. The session will be held at 10 a.m. Sunday, Feb. 10.

Canine Training Classes fill up quickly so register online today: