Mr. Beem, while I come down on your side on many issues you opt to discuss, your relentless flogging of Hillary Clinton as the candidate who “should have won” the 2018 presidential election has become tiresome. It has been borne out multiple times that there are inescapable truths about Clinton and the mainstream Democratic Party.

First, there has been evidence presented that Bernie Sanders was undermined as a candidate during the primary process.

Second, while the Democrats espouse a more “people over corporations” philosophy, theirs is still very much a party of the moneyed elite.

Thirdly, Clinton is despised by much of the undecided electorate. Her idea that she has earned not only a shot at the presidency, but that she assumed she was a shoo-in is offensive to much of the country.

You surprised me then, when you expressed excitement for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s victory. She shares the same ideals as Sanders, as far as I can tell. Was it too soon for a Progressive candidate two years ago?

I look forward to your response.

Jonathan Priest