Bribery is employed when merits alone cannot achieve victory. Central Maine Power panicked as the Public Utilities Commission hearings and intervenor briefs revealed an ill-conceived project with no confirmable viability and no Maine public need. The Hail Mary was to throw pretty numbers representing low value to parties that could be bought for feathers in political and corporate caps.

Whatever the bribe, New England Clean Energy Connect is still inherently flawed. Experts’ testimonies and other findings in the PUC proceedings exposed:

Hydro-Quebec hasn’t confirmed extra hydro capacity, and it will need to buy fossil fuels and/or reduce exports to sell NECEC to Massachusetts.

 There will be no global greenhouse-gas reduction as a result of NECEC.

 NECEC will suppress Maine’s own renewable-energy projects such as solar, compromise Maine’s grid, prevent competition and suppress the competitive market.

 NECEC will flood the Maine power grid and force reduction or closure of Maine’s present biomass and natural gas plants.

 The $140 million ratepayer savings will equal pennies a month.

 CMP historically overstates project values and won’t commit $18 million to towns.

 NECEC will require eminent domain and exemptions from town permits.

 CMP never considered fully burying the line, the lack of fire and emergency resources or tourism impacts.

 NECEC will cause scenic character degradation and tourism destabilization in Somerset County by desecrating the natural beauty of this destination area.

 NECEC entails permanent destruction by herbicides and deforestation affecting forest, wildlife, fisheries and towns’ drinking water.

 NECEC disregards Maine residents and businesses whose livelihoods, property values, health and ways of life are dependent on God’s creation in its natural form.

The settlement bribes exclude the very Mainers affected by this invasive devastation. CMP, the Office of the Public Advocate and now Gov. Mills have abandoned Somerset County residents and biomass/natural gas-using families.

Shame on these politicians, greedy environmental groups and industrial kingpins who’ve abandoned Maine citizens for a Spanish acquisition!

Elizabeth Caruso