There is an addiction crisis in our community. I felt such sadness to read of Christopher Reed Bowman, 28, and Colby Earles, 19, dying of unintended drug overdoses. First, I thank their families for being brave enough to write about their addiction; I also thank them for sharing the beauty, vibrancy and sensitivity of both young men. It touched my heart.

Let’s not make assumptions that addiction makes worthless human beings. Nothing is farther from the truth; their obituaries show that. I did not know either, although I saw Colby at Easy Day a few times. He always smiled and acted kindly; I am sure the same was true of Christopher.

Both obituaries brought tears, not because I knew them, but because I didn’t and wish I had; I felt the loss on their family and friends. I am grateful to the South Portland Fire Department in responding to calls and for Narcan availability, although this is not enough.

We need to figure out how to do better, because we are losing people daily. Support those in recovery, love those who are addicted, offer whatever you can. Don’t turn your head; reach out to families. The loss remains forever.

Rosemarie DeAngelis
South Portland

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