On Feb. 25, Saco Middle School suffered a tragedy when Robin Stinson, a longtime English teacher, unexpectedly passed away. The response of the surrounding communities, as well as other schools in our district, has been nothing short of amazing.

Counselors from The Center for Grieving Children as well as many other school districts responded immediately to support our students and staff. This quick response allowed our students to be heard and reassured that what they were feeling was normal, at a time when everything was not normal.

We thank all those who responded as it made our district feel part of the larger family of educators. We would especially like to thank Biddeford School Department for multiple visits that have continued on for weeks after the our school’s loss. Their entire administrative team responded to support not only students but also the staff of SMS.

Without the outside support it would have been difficult for our staff to grieve and support our grieving students simultaneously.

A big thank you to all those involved in trying to help us heal.

While we will never be fully healed, it is heartwarming to know that community support and the large family of educators is there when it is needed.

Saco Middle School Staff