Maine has an advantage now in that it has four electoral votes in each presidential election in spite of a small population. Let’s do some comparative math: California has 55 electoral votes, but 39.56 million in population, resulting in one electoral vote per 719,000 people. Maine has four electoral votes for 1.338 million, or one electoral vote for each 334,000 people. Roughly twice as much influence per person!

If Maine’s four electoral votes go the way of the national popular vote, Mainers will never see national political candidates again. They will be in the large-population areas, like California, Texas, Florida and New York.

There are other ways to replace the Electoral College, which has never worked as the fathers of our country anticipated, but let’s not do this by passing a bill, L.D. 816, that would disenfranchise Maine voters.

Jim Shaffer


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