Re: Last week’s front page story “Councilor criticizes colleague for emails” and Lane Hiltunen’s opinion column “Can’t say boo to a goose.”

I agree that there is upheaval in the Town Council and other boards, etc., in Windham. I also agree that things will eventually, hopefully, come to light to explain some councilors’ past and current actions. I believe, as a business person, that there are some things that cannot be discussed publicly due to confidentiality laws/rules. I believe that people and maybe myself will find that what we assumed because of gossip, etc., not necessarily facts, is either true or false.

I guess I’m as confused as Councilor Nangle is about who works for whom, is employed by whom. I thought all of them were supposed to be working for the taxpayers of Windham.

In conclusion, I don’t usually pull the “I’m a woman card,” but men are from Mars and women are from Venus. I think I can speak for many when I say that a lot of us are very glad there is a difference between men and women. There is much I don’t understand about men and women, but I deal with them all, young and old,  in my plumbing business. The article about the town councilors proves my point. Women and men have a different reaction to what David Douglass said to Councilor Cummings. Ask your wives, husbands/significant others to read it to see what I mean. As does the town attorney, who stated his legal opinion “ageist, sexist, inappropriate.”

Holly Tubbs