Over the past few years, my young children and I have visited Pineland Farms’ family education program. We are saddened that the cows and calves are not being treated as well as they could be.

When we visited in February, the dairy cows were chained by their necks in individual stalls, unable to go outside in the winter months. And, in late April, the cows are still inside and unable to move freely due to these restraints.

We were heartbroken to witness a newborn calf, born just yesterday, trying to suckle a metal wrung on her cage. Each calf was confined to a small enclosure. Several were frantically banging on the edges, trying to move more freely.

While the staff at Pineland seems caring, an employee confided in me that she “doesn’t like it either” and doesn’t “make the rules around here.” 
I contacted the management of Pineland last winter about these issues, and they indicated that they did not plan to change their practices.

While I am grateful for the farm education Pineland provides for the community, I believe that Pineland could do better and model free-range, more humane treatment of its animals.

Rachel White


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