WATERVILLE — A woman apparently pressed the gas pedal instead of the brake Wednesday morning, crashing her car into a metal post that helps to hold up the entryway to Mount Saint Joseph Nursing Home on Highwood Street.

Police, fire officials and Delta Ambulance workers responded to a 10:21 a.m. report of the crash.

Police Officer Dan Goss said at the scene that Gloria Blanchet, 69, of Waterville, was driving to the nursing home to visit her husband and accidentally pressed the gas pedal instead of the brake as she was driving into the lot and struck a metal column that helps to hold up the entryway to the building.

Blanchet was conscious and alert when emergency workers arrived, though she was upset, according to Goss. Her dog was tethered in the passenger seat of her 2005 Subaru at the time of the crash, he said.

At the scene, Blanchet, who was sitting outside the entrance to the nursing home, was taken inside.

Fire officials were inspecting the column, whose exterior plaster covering was broken and lay on the ground.

“They’re doing an assessment now for structural damage, and she doesn’t appear to be injured, but I think they might be taking her just to be checked out because it had a significant impact to her vehicle,” Goss said.

The front of the small blue car was smashed in and fluids were leaking, but Goss said the engine itself appeared to be undamaged.

“It appears to be repairable,” he said of the car.

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