Westbrook police asked residents and motorists Wednesday to watch out for ducks wandering along downtown streets and sidewalks.

“We are asking that folks please leave the ducks alone. This isn’t the first time they’ve gone exploring and it won’t be the last,” Westbrook police said in a post on the department’s Facebook page. “If you try to catch them they will just flee and that will actually put them in more danger”

A dispatcher contacted Thursday evening said the duck invasion from the Presumpscot River seems to have subsided, but she confirmed that the dispatch center handled a lot of calls from people concerned about the birds’ well-being. The river surges over Saccarappa Falls and runs through the heart of downtown Westbrook. Main Street and the Westbrook River Walk are located just a few feet from the river.

“We don’t have a duck whisperer on staff. We aren’t able to safely capture the ducks,” the Facebook post said. “We’re glad everyone cares about the welfare of the ducks. As hard as it may be, the best thing you can do is leave them alone and let them be.”

To make their point, Westbrook police posted an image of a duck, with the warning, “Leave me the duck alone.”

Unable to explain the sudden surge of ducks emerging from the river and waddling along downtown sidewalks and streets, Westbrook police resorted to humor.

“Apparently they’ve heard about all the exciting things happening in Westbrook and want to check them out!” the post said.

The Facebook post was generating a lot of comments.

“One quacked at me earlier in a very negative tone. I was offended,” Andrew Stuart said.

“First it was Wessie, then the spinning ice disk, now ducks everywhere,” wrote Steve Link. “What’s next, a concert venue next to an old rock quarry?”

“You could always call Bangor PD for advice from their ‘Duck of Justice,’ ” Chris Caron said.

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