At a recent meeting of the Arctic Council, a coalition of the eight countries that comprise the Arctic, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo described that rapidly warming region as a “land of opportunity and abundance.” He cited its untapped reserves of oil, gas, uranium, gold, fishing and rare earth minerals, which, in addition to the opening up of new shipping routes – a new Suez Canal – will create “exciting new opportunities for economic growth.”

Only six months ago Donald Trump’s only response to the recently released Fourth National Climate Assessment, culminating three years’ research by myriad federal agencies and mandated by the Global Change Research Act of 1990, was that he’d seen it but didn’t believe it.

This president supports and reiterates the lie that climate change doesn’t threaten the planet and that people have little to do with it. His reasons for doing so are obvious. Despite his pro-life mantra, this president is overseeing a sixth extinction of species. Despite the efforts of communities throughout Maine to organize and lower carbon footprints, our commander in chief works against what community sustainability groups are working hard to do – Maine Sierra Club’s climate action teams, Portland’s sustainability initiatives, Mount Desert Island’s A Climate to Thrive – all of whom work tirelessly to act locally and think globally.

This president has literally admitted he’s exploiting the planet for all its worth and celebrates the climate change he still calls a hoax. Mike Pompeo’s very words should indict Mr. Trump for obstructing planetary justice.

Beverly Roxby


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