Summer in Maine brings throngs of tourists to local beaches, mile-long lines to lobster roll stands and traffic jams to the Maine Turnpike. And stars, don’t forget the stars.

Yes, among the crowds of summer people who come to Maine each year for breathtaking scenery and blissful relaxation are some very famous folks.

Movie stars, TV stars, writers, artists and lots of other celebrities are among us all over Maine this time of year. Whether you’re strolling Main Street in Camden, lounging on the beach in Ogunquit or taking a boat ride out of Bar Harbor, you never know who you might run into.

Many famous people have been coming to Maine for summer vacation for years, quietly blending in. Some have homes here, others stay in different places. Several are from families that have generations-long Maine connections.

Scroll over this map to see some of the famous people you might keep an eye out for this summer and where you can find them.

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