Next to Steam Mill Brewery on Mechanic Street in Bethel sits the “charming blue shanty,” as owners Sav and Elise Sensavang call it.

They try to bring food to the area that people can’t find anywhere close by.

“Most of the type it’s basing it off of food I grew up with and adapting it to some American dishes that I love,” Sav said. His parents came to the U.S. from Laos, and he grew up in Virginia, experiencing southern cuisine.

One of his favorites is a fried chicken sandwich, which he makes with some twists. The chicken is soaked in red curry and buttermilk, and then he whips up a batch of slaw to set on top of it. He uses fish sauce and lime to make the slaw.

The couple said incorporating Maine foods into their dishes is a priority for them. They also try to use locally-sourced products whenever they can.

Anyone who gets to-go food from the shanty is given a disposable box, with wooden eating utensils. Le Mue also had Thai iced tea or coffee, or green tea all as beverage options. They use either rice or hay straws with the drinks.


The business has had a great start at its new location, and has appreciated all the support from the small town.

“The community has been so supportive. The restaurant community is awesome, too,” Elise said.

You can find Le Mu Eats on Facebook, Instagram or by swinging in for a bite to eat Thursday through Sunday 12 to 8 p.m.

About the owners

Elise grew up “everywhere” with her father in the Army, and she met her husband Sav in high school in Virginia. She has been in social work for the last ten years.

When Sav moved here, he worked for Norway Brewing for a year as a Sous Chef. After a year, he was eager to get out on his own.


“I wanted to do something on my own, so we started doing some private dinners out of our house for about a year,” he said.

Ten to twelve seats would be set up and a five course meal was prepared.

The duo also used to do pop-up restaurants, where they would move into a space that is already an established business, and when the other business had days off, they would open their business at that space. They did that in Virginia and in South Paris, Maine.

When they finally got to Bethel, the stay was supposed to be temporary, but their minds were soon changed.

“We found that Bethel is a really great area for us,” Sav said.

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